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The Voters Blog is a developing web site that provides news, links and conversation about our country and community. Started by Joseph Glen Lucey in November of 2013, we look to updated most weekdays. Our aim is to provide a central space on the Web where our visitors can save time in staying on top of the political news and events. We link to articles and essays that can be read free of charge and that are relevant to politics daily.

There are also several pages that serve as resources found online. Hope you find them useful.

Feel free to send us information on relevant links, or to submit papers or reviews of recently-published books and journal articles. We also invite authors and publishers to send us copies of books and manuscripts so that we can post reviews at the time the work reaches the general public.

we are developing another side to this web site that will very useful to voters. we hope to have it fully developed within a few months.


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Joseph Lucey

owner of The Voters Blog and My Yellow Pages Plus